Assessment Services

Nowadays, organizations tend to use established Assessment Centre Services to support recruitment or performance appraisals.

To support organisations in their recruitment process, Careerscan Assessment Centre employs the use of modern candidate assessments and vetting to test knowledge, skills and capabilities.

The dedicated assessment centre has developed a set of varied assessment and testing methodologies and exercises which are designed to simulate different aspects of the work environment and allow candidates to demonstrate aptitude and general skills related to the requirements of the job.

Careerscan comprehensive background and reference checks is able to scrutinize a wide variety of elements in the background-checking process to ensure that information provided by the candidate in their CVs, academic & professional certificates, transcripts, testimonials and references are truthful.

Careerscan assessment centre services include;

  • Industry/work specific assessments
  • Psychometric Testing & Assessments
  • Candidate Vetting, Background & Reference Checks