Staff Outsourcing

There are many reasons why hospitality establishments today choose outsourced or leased workers. Prominent among them are head-count restrictions, time-bound projects, and business volatility. The current trend is therefore to retain a small core of permanent talent complemented by a pool of outsourced or leased staff that can be staffed up or down in line with business demands for optimal productivity and profitability.

Employee leasing is a cost-effective and flexible solution whereby Careerscan employs and leases staff to an organization either on a long-term or indefinite basis. This includes a comprehensive HR service and is ideal for retaining valuable, but non-core talent.

Experience shows it reduces overtime and up-skilling costs, retains skills, improves tenure and allows the organizations to focus on their core business. In delivering turnkey outsourced staffing services Careerscan provides enhanced screening, testing, reference checking of all candidates and client specific training / orientation thus companies can be confident that their outsourced workers arrive “ready to work”.