Staff Transition

Each organizations and individuals undergo difficult and important business and career changes – what we call ‘transitions’. Some of these transitions occur because of organizational changes, others happen on an ongoing basis as people enter, leave and take on new positions within an organization, or as they manage their careers.

Companies may take a range of steps that go beyond severance payments and compliance with basic legal requirements to demonstrate corporate social responsibility in relation to retrenchment/separation and are often in a good position to use some resources to seek to improve the work and life chances of those workers that they have placed in precarious situations as a result of retrenchment process.

These may include one or a combination of the following:-

  • Training
  • Career Transition & Placement
  • Financial counseling
  • Small Business Development

With years of experience creating innovative career transition and placement solutions, Careerscan guides organizations and individuals through key transitions caused by significant change events or by the dynamic ongoing employee changes which impact business daily.

Careerscan counsels organizations on aligning workforces with business strategy after mergers, acquisitions and restructuring, transitioning employees for increased speed to competency, as well as placement planning and implementation.

Careerscan consultants also provide career transition and business coaching services to individual clients seeking to get the most out of their personal career aspirations.