Galileo Global Distribution System

Galileo is one of the world’s leading computer software links between ticket sales offices and the Airline’s central booking system and is used by travel agencies all over the world. Effective training in Galileo system is a must for any one wishing to join the travel industry. CTC has partnered with Galileo Kenya , an independent division of Kenya Airways to provide comprehensive and flexible training in Galileo GDS using fully-fledged training facilities with state of the art equipment with connectivity to ‘live’ Galileo system. The training is delivered in the form of self-paced learning, virtual classroom, classroom-based training and documentation and on-site training.

CTC provides training to the travel agents and industry entrants on the core course of reservations & ticketing as well as on the value-added products. This is so that Travel agents may increase their productivity and efficiency and to enable students gain a competitive advantage into the job market, thus companies can be confident that their ‘new employees’ arrive in the work place ‘ready to work’.

Career Training Centre /Galileo Kenya GDS Courses

  •   Basic Reservations & Document Production
  •   Document Production
  •   Car Master & Room Master
  •   Client File & Travel Screen
  •   Viewpoint
  •  TRAMS CB PLUS Training
  •   Electronic Ticketing
  •   Electronic ticketing and Viewpoint
  •   Custom Check
  •   Client File